Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pancakes and Ice Cream

Warning: tonight's post will make you hungry! Or at least it should.

Last night I went with a few girls from my floor into Burlington. You have to take the bus there, which at first seemed really complicated. But it has since been explained to me and so now it's pretty easy. There's only one route that goes past Saint Mike's, so it's nearly impossible to take the wrong bus. Oh, and that is the most important thing: with your KnightCard - that's the SMC ID card - all public busing is free! So if anyone tells you we're really cut off from Burlington... they are lying.

Anyway, we went into Burlington for dinner. There are a lot of places to eat that are definitely college-budget affordable: I've yet to have a dinner that cost more than $10 and it's all really nice food. Church Street, the pedestrian shopping area, has a lot of restaurants, but we went back to The Skinny Pancake, which we'd tried last weekend. They're not on Church Street, but it's only a ten minute walk from the bus and they do have a food stand on Church Street if you really don't want to go far.

The Skinny Pancake is a creperie, and they must have at least 20 different types of crepes, both savory and sweet. They also have salads and other dishes for your pickier eaters. So far I've had the Crepadilla, which has cheese and pico de gallo filling, and a spinach and feta filled crepe. Both were delicious and I have plans to go back and try more kinds!

My favorite part about the restaurant (besides the food of course) is the fact that everything is (somewhat) local, so it's all really fresh. They even have a foodshed map, which shows where everything they use is from.

The Foodshed Map
After dinner, we went to Ben and Jerry's, which is on Church Street. Ben and Jerry's is a frequent stop for any Vermont college student; the line can be long but if you are with fun people it doesn't seem like it. In case you didn't know, Ben and Jerry's is an ice cream shop. Everything is amazing, and they have a huge list of flavors.
The Ben and Jerry's Menu
The people there are really nice; I've also been told they like hiring college students but since I didn't apply I can't confirm that. But in general, if you come to Saint Mike's you have to have Ben and Jerry's; we even sell pints in the bookstore!

That's all I have for today; stay tuned!


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