Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's Apple Season!

Ignoring the fact that it snowed briefly today, we are in the "official" apple-picking season! Obviously, now that the snow is starting, things are winding down, but there is still time to grab a bag and a cider donut. For next year, the best times to go are early September to late October. 

Shelburne Orchards
The two orchards I'll be talking about require access to a car to reach them, but apple-picking is a common club-bonding activity, so you'll probably go at least once, even if you don't have a car on campus. If you can't get to an orchard yourself, plenty of orchards (and cider mills!) have stands at the Burlington Farmers' Market, although this weekend is the last outdoor "summer" market. The winter market will start up again on November 12 at the Davis Center at UVM (590 Main Street, Burlington).

Without further ado...

1. Chapin Orchard 
If this name sounds familiar, it probably is! First-Year Apple-Picking, one of MOVE's earliest service events, goes to Chapin Orchard. All of the apples from First-Year Apple-Picking (and there are a lot) are donated to a local food bank. MOVE stands for Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts, and is Saint Mike's community service group on campus. The bulletin board outside the MOVE office in Alliot is always filled with a variety of service activities for students. 

In addition to apples, Chapin's barn contains a wealth of other delicious fall foods, and even has nice dorm-friendly small (not pictured below) jugs of delicious cider. If you did not go to First-Year Apple-Picking, definitely check Chapin out!

2. Shelburne Orchards 

I went to Shelburne Orchards with the Saint Mike's chapter of Love Your Melon, for a team-bonding activity. Shelburne was very suited to that, as they have different sized apple bags, so you don't get stuck with twenty apples for yourself. They have a wide variety of apples with different ripening times, so there is always something for everyone - call if there is a specific type you're hoping for. 

As might be expected, Shelburne Orchards has the standard cider and donuts, but we also saw signs for pick-your-own grapes, which isn't something I've ever seen before. Since we were also there during pumpkin season, there were plenty of pumpkins and unusually-colored gourds to choose from. Although we were there too late for this, they also sell fresh-baked pies that I am extremely tempted to go back for. 

I stood on a pile of grass to get this photo, but here's the view from the orchard!
Even if apples aren't necessarily your favorite fruit, there's always (always) donuts! Apple-picking is a good social activity, and it doesn't cost very much at all. Both of these orchards are between 20-30 minutes away, which is fairly close by Vermont standards. Plus, if you stay out late enough, you might get a crazy sunset-mountain view like this:

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Note: All of the pictures from Shelburne Orchards are my own; the two pictures for Chapin Orchard can be found at:

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