Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why a Double Major is Worth It

At any Saint Mike's admissions event, they will tell you that a double major is entirely doable - and it is! You may want to think twice (or even three times) about some combinations, but I definitely recommend considering it as the College's academic requirementst really make it an option. The planning is the most complicated part, and there's plenty of people who can help with that. At least in my experience, my two majors complement each other very well, and I feel like I learn more in each discipline because of what I have learned in the other.

I declared an Economics minor last semester; I officially became an International Relations and Economics double major in September. When I started at Saint Mike's, I knew what type of classes I wanted to take but had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do afterwards. I'm still not entirely sure, but supplementing International Relations with Economics (and vice versa) is getting me closer, even if only because I periodically learn what I do not want to spend my life doing.

Being a double major will mean that your class schedule is more defined, as the number of required courses goes up. But course requirements can overlap, especially in my case as International Relations includes several departments outside political science. Topics will be repeated, but from different perspectives, which really helps define your interests. This intersection also means concepts are covered more in depth, which has made me much more interested in the material. That really enriches the learning experience - if you like that sort of thing, and I do!

Really, the benefits of being a double major come down to the classes you take, and the professors. The two disciplines can stay as separate or as interconnected as you want; likewise, what you discuss with professors can be strictly class-based or can pull in what you've learned from other subjects. Personally, I feel like I have made much better connections with my professors this semester - that may be a natural consequence of having spent more time on campus, but at least part of it is because I am more informed about what I'm studying, and have more specific interests this time around.

If you are willing to push yourself for that extra experience, and there is another subject calling to you, maybe it's time to have a conversation with a professor or two.

Good luck with exams; December break is almost here!


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