Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Free Cone Day!

If you live in the Burlington area (or are just extremely dedicated to your ice cream), then you'll know that yesterday was Ben and Jerry's FREE CONE DAY - the greatest day on Church Street. Period. If you go to Saint Mike's, you have to make the trek and wait in the line at least once during your four years; more is better, obviously. As a lover of ice cream, I was very sad to not make it last year, but I finally got there yesterday! The line was long and the air was cold, but it was definitely worth it.
The line was long when we got there and even longer when we left - we waited about forty minutes.
Both a symbol of Ben and Jerry's social mission and a prop to direct the line, this cone was doing double duty.
In case you don't know, Ben and Jerry's supports a variety of social justice issues, particularly climate change. They took advantage of their most popular event to advocate for change. Organizations like the Peace and Justice Center and the Lake Champlain Land Trust were tabling - in a strategic move, the line went right past them. 

Ben and Jerry's takes Free Cone Day seriously - even though the shop on Church Street is under renovation (we're all very upset about it), Ben and Jerry's had a social justice themed block party and brought the ice cream anyway. And before you start to think they only had the most basic flavors, I can tell you that even if the entire flavor list was not on offer, more than half was - including non-dairy. Free Cone Day is no joke. 
Ben and Jerry's continues to be climate-conscious by having a Tesla as their company car.
If you do decide to go next year, some things to keep in mind: the line will be long (at least half an hour), there will be lots of children, and if we have another winter like this one, there may even be snow on the ground in some places. But that doesn't stop us from keeping up tradition. Free Cone Day is always worth it. 
Those are the smiles of some really cold, really happy people.
I can't promise my next post will be as... sweet, but stay tuned for more tales from the 802! 

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