Monday, May 1, 2017

SMC in Spring

The semester ends in a week and a half, but Saint Mike's has finally thawed out and is in SPRING mode. The daffodils are blooming, people are out on blankets (except for the occasional rainy day), and I had Ben and Jerry's four times last week. Once we hit April, we really get busy and do not really stop until the semester does, because there is way too much to do - academic and otherwise. Here are some things I've done both around campus and in Burlington that you should definitely make time for:

1. Dunkin' at the View
If you did not know, there is a Dunkin' Donuts just a short walk past the new residence hall - time to put all of those $5 gift cards you have gotten at random events to good use. Get a coffee, iced if you prefer, and head on over to the View! The mountains are beautiful, and if you turn around, Saint Mike's doesn't look too bad, either.
The View is great in all seasons.

If you're thrown off by the different perspective, from left to right, that is the Chapel, Hoehl, and the suites.
2. Ben and Jerry's 
Now I am not saying you have to try for four times in one week - although only one of those was actually in Burlington - but you have to make it there at least once. The store is finally open again, and you know you've been craving a fresh waffle cone.
You know you're friends when you both get the same flavor - first time having Truffle Kerfuffle!
(Picture Credits to Emily Kopacz)
3. The Comedian
Every spring, Saint Mike's has a comedian come to campus, and they're always hilarious but relevant. This spring, Jessica Williams, formerly of The Daily Show, was our guest, and she had some great jokes while also keeping it real with the social commentary. 
Yes, Jessica Williams is wearing a Lion King shirt.
4. Explore past Church Street
Our freezing temperatures might stop you from wandering far off of Church Street during the winter - everyone does it at some point - but if you did not want to brave the cold, now is the time to explore! You know I love coffee shops, and there are some great ones only a few blocks away. New Moon Cafe is right off Church Street in an old chandelier factory (or so I have been told) and they have smoothies and sandwiches on top of some great espresso drinks. If you are a coffee connoisseur, try Onyx Tonics, a self-labeled "coffee-tasting bar" where blend selections change regularly and you can try coffee sourced from all over the world. 
Onyx Tonics is a great place for foreign coffee blends.
I had to go with my classic maple latte at New Moon!
5. Sunset at the Waterfront
You have to be a strong person to hit the waterfront in winter, as it is significantly colder by the water. But whether you made it there or not, nothing beats a spring (or summer!) sunset over Lake Champlain. 
In case you were wondering, you can make it to the lake and back to the bus station in ten minutes.
6. Sunset at SMC 
The lake is a great view, but Saint Mike's has its own charms, and without fail when there is a great sunset that is what you will see on Instagram. So if you're feeling trapped in the library until that term paper is done, take a break around 8pm and head outside for a few minutes. You won't regret it.
Wandering around trying to find a place to study has its perks - like this view.
7. P DAY
"Preparation Day" at Saint Mike's is the last Saturday before finals, and it means free food, great music, and lots of other fun activities. Your Purple Knight status is questionable if you do not at least make it outside for a free cone from Ben and Jerry's; Skinny Pancake and many other local places are also there, too. There are plenty of days for doing homework in the library, but P Day only happens once a year, so don't miss out
Post-ice cream and pre-food coma!
As I am one of the many people caught up in end-of-semester work, this might be my last blog post of the semester - and my last one in Vermont until 2018! I will be studying abroad in the fall, but I will still be blogging (if a bit less frequently), so stay tuned starting in September for posts from LONDON!!

Enjoy your summer,

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