Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ice Hockey

My apologies for the delayed post - contrary to what some may think, "syllabus week" comes with a large amount of work attached to it. However, I still found time for some fun. This past Friday, I finally went to an ice hockey game. And I don't mean a Saint Mike's game specifically - I had never been to a hockey game before last week. Ever. In New Jersey, if your family isn't made up of hockey people, you will rarely encounter the sport. But I finally went to one, and it was definitely worth it. 
We play at local Cairns Arena, which is in South Burlington.
Saint Mike's may not be a major sports school like Penn State or Syracuse, but that doesn't mean we lack team spirit. Hockey and basketball probably get the highest attendance, but every sport has their group of fans. Except the football team. (See what I did there?)

For someone new to the sport, a college hockey game is the perfect place to learn. You get a good view without paying an arm and a leg - our home games are free - and (or so I have been informed) there is much less fighting than in an AHL game, which makes it easier to follow what's happening on the ice. If you go with friends patient enough to answer all your questions, you can definitely get at least a basic grasp on the game within two periods. 
Even though we lost, it was still a fun experience. I don't usually attend a lot of sports events, but I'm glad I went to this game and I will probably go to more. True to our northern location, Saint Mike's seems to bond best at cold events, and hockey is no exception. 

I'm keeping this post short, because while I may grasp the basics of hockey, I am certainly not a sportswriter. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

Want to attend a hockey game yourself? Click here for the men's hockey page and here for the women's. 

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